Neso Russia Internship Programme

Busy September in Moscow

Hey everybody! So, it is me again.

I have already spent the second month living in Moscow and doing an internship in Adecco Russia. So, I have to say that September was considerably busy, as well as, very interesting and fun. I got significantly involved in the core business processes of the company. Performing as sales and marketing coordinator, my scope of work became very abundant and exciting. I got involved in organizing several business-related events, establishing contacts and collaborating with new clients, taking part in the internal meetings of the sales team, in general, lots of many considerable tasks and processes. During that period I improved my organizational and interpersonal skills significantly, acquired some expertise in sales and marketing, and was deeply involved in the working atmosphere. It was exciting and enjoyable to take part in the significant operational processes of the company. Moreover, during these months I also developed interpersonal relationships with my colleagues, which made the working time substantially interesting.

In addition, during the last week of September, I participated in the Internship Module lectures and classes at Higher School of Economics. Various participants, such as company representatives, government officials, and university professors were giving very interesting lectures regarding business culture of the country. Together with a German group of students, it was a great experience to take in the one-week classes at HSE.

That was only for September. I am looking forward to sharing my impressions during the future months.

Erasmus University Rotterdam


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