Neso Russia Internship Programme

Last month in Moscow: travel around and banya experience

Time is flying and without noticing it’s already the last month living in Moscow. Quite fast! During November and September, I got the chance to visit some main landmarks in Moscow- like the Cosmonautics museum and the victory museum in Park Pobedy. Besides the rich cultural places of Moscow, also experienced the traditional Russian banya with some colleagues and got reborn there. Apart from Moscow, we visited Nizhny Novgorod which offers a quiet getaway with amazing views over the Volga and Oka rivers. Additionally, living in a hostel offers yet another perspective of life in Moscow. In the hostel, there are a few Russian students coming from other Russian cities – like Irkutsk, Perm and Kamchatka. It has been fun and interesting to interact with them and spend more time with Russians.

As for the internship project, it is coming to an end. It was a busy month – part of the project included conducting focus groups. In this way, I got the chance to meet colleagues from other departments and better understand Russian culture across generations. Moreover, my colleagues in HR, have been very inclusive and showed me processes and activities not directly related to my project but very an excellent learning experience!
Looking forward to New Year’s celebrations in Moscow! Until next time.

From Erasmus University Rotterdam

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