Neso Russia Internship Programme

For Applicants

Current openings (start of the internship can be discussed)  

Please register on the website to be able to apply.

Internships at Radisson Hotels
Radisson Hotel Group
Moscow, St. Petersburg
Software Developer

Why to become an applicant?

Are you a Bachelor’s or a Master’s student at a university in the Netherlands? Do you want to gain professional experience abroad and acquaint yourself with business culture in Russia? We thought so! This programme was created just for you.

The main objectives of the programme are to:

  • enhance your international exposure 
  • put your knowledge into practice in Russia's business culture
  • assist you in developing soft skills 
  • provide you with an opportunity to build a network of professional contacts 
  • prepare you to deal with cross-cultural differences in a work environment

The programme can be pursued as both a part of your studies and as a separate voluntary activity.

How to apply

In order to apply for the educational programme as a candidate you should create a personal account on the website, which requires entering personal data. We will review your registration and approve your application provided you meet the programme requirements. Afterwards you will be able to apply for up to two positions in different companies during each round.

Note: usually there are two intakes during a year - in February and in September, however sometimes upon agreement with a company it is possible to start earlier or later than that.

The standard document package for each position consists of:

  • An online application form
  • CV (attached to the online form)
  • A letter of motivation (attached to the online form)
Please check the required documents for each separate position.

Terms and conditions of participation

  • Participation in the programme is free of charge for applicants; 
  • The internship involves no salary but successful candidates are entitled to a one-time payment in the amount of €750. It will be transferred to the intern's account during the third week of an internship.
  • Higher School of Economics will award a students with 12 ECTS credits;
  • The company will provide participants with the results of their internship;
  • Students should make arrangements with their home university in advance so that there are no misunderstandings regarding the recognition of participation following the programme;
  • A student is expected to cover the following costs: travel, visa fee, (medical) insurance;
  • A student is provided with accommodation in Moscow and Saint Petersburg (in an Higher School of Economics dormitory room) at a price of approximately 25 EUR per month; you will share the room with one other person;
  • A student is to apply for a student visa and will be provided with an invitation by Higher School of Economics.

Funding opportunities

There are limited opportunities to request additional funding to finance the internship. Please check following links:

Visa and Accommodation

The educational modules are provided by HSE in their capacity as host university. In the case of a successful application, you will receive a visa invitation by HSE, which will enable you to arrive and stay in Russia. HSE will take care of registration upon your arrival.

Please check Visa and Registration section (single-entry visa) for further details.

Please note several important items:

  • Your passport must be valid for at least 1,5 years beginning from the validity start date of the visa. 
  • Visa processing takes about 7 calendar days.
  • For non-EU nationals: you must apply for visa via visa center in The Hague.
  • Be prepared to stay in Russia without leaving for the first 3 months after your arrival, until you receive your multiple-entry visa.  

We recommend that you stay in an HSE dormitory. Take a look at the dormitories here.


You have to have medical insurance in order to get a Russian visa. Please check the terms and conditions of your insurance with your company before applying for a visa. Additionally, all international students at HSE are required to have medical insurance when arriving at the university. You can purchase medical insurance in your home country or in Russia from the HSE partner company (in case your insurance does not cover stays in Russia or does not comply with the purpose of your stay). Please check the further details of insurance issues here or on the website of the Russian visa center in the Netherlands.


To your home university

If you are completing the educational programme as part of your study programme at home, you should make an agreement with your home university regarding the programme before you agree to participate in the programme in Russia. Your study and internship workload will be recognised and transferred into ECTS by your home university upon successful completion and will be reported accordingly.  

To your work placement in Russia

You will have to report on your internship module to you company mentor in accordance with the company’s internal procedures.

To your academic mentor at HSE

You will present the results of your internship module during an assessment day at HSE and get an assessment from your academic mentor there. You will be awarded 12 ECTS credits by HSE on the basis of this assessment. 

Selection procedure

Selection is performed by partner companies based on your application documents and an individual Skype interview with a company representative. Some positions involve a case-based problem-solving task. If your application is successful for several positions, you will have the right to choose which one appeals to you most.

We would be happy to offer applicants more information. Please contact us here: