Neso Russia Internship Programme

Internship in Russia is more than just an internship

An internship in Russia, offering you more than just the experience of a usual internship

Having already experienced an abroad internship in London, I wanted to do another internship abroad, specifically in Russia. The most appropriate option for me seemed to do this in a Dutch company in Moscow. Quickly, I understood that this will be not the easiest thing to take care of, until I found Nuffic Neso. They have smoothly arranged everything! They make it possible for Dutch students to experience working and living in Russia, while offering us an opportunity to develop our professional knowledge related to a working field, as well as offering an opportunity to learn the Russian language in Russia.

Doing my internship at FrieslandCampina, I ended up in a company with a lot of opportunities to learn and develop myself. The team is very welcoming and enthusiastic. The people in the team are hard working and trying to adapt the company’s operations to the complex, diverse and quickly changing Russian market. The atmosphere is international, while everyone can speak in English. Projects that Friesland Campina are dealing with are very suitable for students studying International Business. I got the opportunity to experience many marketing campaigns and have learnt a lot from their approaches. Also, there was a digital marketing day organized and I can say that I learnt so much that day that I am still impressed (Big players such as Yandex and group came to the office this day). Being in FrieslandCampina, I can clearly see that there is a huge difference between the consumption preferences of Russian and Dutch people and that cross-cultural marketing is a very important aspect for a Dutch company in Russia.

During the program, you get to live and working in Russia while learning to understand a diverse and huge nation which has a lot of opportunity and impressions to offer. There is so much to see, do and experience in Russia that many Europeans would be surprised. Moscow is a very comfortable and pleasant city to live in and will make you forget about stereotypes forever.

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