Neso Russia Internship Programme

Marc: "Moscow is everything I did not expect..."

Hi everyone, my name is Marc Bouwman and currently I am doing a Marketing internship at Philips in Moscow. Before my departure, I must honestly say I have had my doubts whether Moscow would be the right city for me to do an internship as it is a fairly unknown and intriguing place for people who have never been there. Having been here now for two weeks, I can definitely say that the city of Moscow has dazzled me and that I am really happy to have grabbed this opportunity.

Philips has welcomed me with open arms, and put me on a very interesting project to launch a new product in Russia. The open floor workspace allows for lots of interaction between colleagues and already in these first two weeks, I have had multiple meetings with colleagues from different departments to work on this collective goal. The amount of autonomy and responsibility I have been given as an intern is an exciting challenge and will allow me to learn as much as possible and develop my skills.

Outside of the internship, I started exploring this extravagant city and luckily I will have five months to do so, as there are countless monuments, parks, museums, cathedrals, restaurants, clubs and other beautiful sightings and activities in and around Moscow. Life in the international dormitory, from day 1, has brought me friends originating from all over the world and there are many fun events organized by student associations which I can join. Also, I will be visiting St. Petersburg for the weekend, which is just a couple of hours away by train.

Moscow is everything I did not expect, and I am thrilled to live and work here for the coming months. Even then, I think I will not have enough time to see everything this 24-hour city has to offer.

Marc Bouwman
Erasmus University Rotterdam

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