Neso Russia Internship Programme

Already at the final stage of my internship at FrieslandCampina!

I cannot imagine that only 5 weeks left until the end of my internship. Seems like I have started only yesterday. But yet, during these weeks I have learnt something about Russian business culture and running marketing projects in a company. Before this internship I did some projects on this topic with a product and the whole plan for realization, but real conditions and human factor play a huge role.

Taking into account that I am Russian, it was interesting for me to experience how a Dutch company operates on the Russian market and how Russian business culture can affect it. I heard from a lot of Dutch entrepreneurs that it was very difficult to work with Russians. It is indeed so because of the differences between Dutch and Russian mentalities and business cultures. I think that now during the embargo and crisis it is a challenge for all companies to compete with main players on a Dairy market, so, I really give credit to FrieslandCampina Russia for their play, especially during these hard times.

This year FrieslandCampina Russia launched Landliebe production on their plant in Stupino. Before the sanctions, Landliebe was imported from Germany. Now FrieslandCampina Russia produces 3 products under this brand in Stupino: drinking yoghurts, spoonable yoghurts and yoghurts in the famous Landliebe jars!

The project was the very first one on this plant with fresh yoghurts and it was released within a quite short period. I am not responsible for this project and not a part of the Landliebe team, but I was happy to see that they could make it and successfully bring this unique product back to Russia. We had a big event in November on the occasion of the Landliebe jars release.

Now I am working on my projects for my home university and for the Higher School of Economics, and preparing an application for an exchange program and drafting my own project. There is still some time to go until the end of the internship.


Mariia Tsykhonia
HAS University of Applied Sciences

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