Neso Russia Internship Programme

For companies

Why to become a partner company?

Are you looking for young professionals who can contribute to your company’s development? Would you like to explore your company’s international ambitions and possibilities? This programme provides you with an opportunity to enrich your team with interns willing to turn their knowledge into practice in accordance with your requirements.

By providing intern positions your company could attain the following objecti­ves:

  • Host international interns pursuing studies at Dutch universities that are proficient in English; 
  • Assign tasks and research projects to young professionals who have fresh perspectives;
  • Enhance the international profile of your company;
  • Provide your staff with an opportunity to work in a multicultural atmosphere and acquire cross-cultural competencies; 
  • Give your employees an opportunity to gain expertise in mentoring activities.  

Still not convinced you want to become part of our internship program?

Consider these reasons*:

1. Fresh Perspective

Anytime you talk business with someone outside of your industry, team, or day-to-day operations, you’re often surprisingly inspired by what you learn. The same goes for an internship program. By bringing in students who aren’t inside your company every day, they can offer a fresh perspective on your business, strategies, and plans. To really experience these benefits, make sure to include interns in brainstorm sessions and encourage them to speak up in meetings. Attending brainstorms is often a favorite among interns so it’s a win-win for both parties.

2. Enhancing Your Social Strategy

It’s no secret that this generation is more tech-savvy than any before. Take the opportunity to explain your social strategy to your interns and get their feedback. This provides young people the opportunity to incorporate what they’ve taught themselves about social media into the real world and their internship.

3. Delivering quality

They want to create their own footprint. College students constantly hear about making it in the “real world.” When interns step into the corporate environment, they want to prove to their parents, friends, and themselves that they can swim with the big fish. They’re determined to succeed, which directly affects the quality of work they’ll do for you.

4. Extra Set of Hands 

An intern provides an extra set of hands that can often help accomplish goals or finish projects. As long as the project will indeed help a young person learn a new skill, learn more about the industry, and give them a great learning experience – interns can work with other employees in the office on specific projects. Just make sure they are supervised and always given feedback on their work.

5. Mentorship Opportunities

Many employees look to mentor young people. An internship program provides an opportunity for your current employees to connect with these college students, meet with them, speak with them, and ultimately – mentor them. This mentorship program will be helpful for your business’s culture as well as the student’s well-being and continued learning.

6. Reiterates the Importance of Strong Leaders

When employees have to carefully teach a crop of young people how to do tasks and accomplish goals, it can often motivate them to personally act as stronger leaders. Encouraging employees to educate and teach others can really build strong moral and create more leaders within a business.

7. Your branding

They provide free advertising. Hiring interns is like bringing in a team of unpaid brand evangelists. These young workers are excited, and if you impress them, they’ll want to tell the world about their experience with your company. They’ll spread the good word to their peers about the job, which can help recruitment efforts.


How to become a partner company

The next call for positions will open soon. If you would like to become a partner company and propose internship positions please contact us via email: We would be happy to discuss conditions and offer further information. 

You can offer more than one position per round. Please check the programme schedule for companies here.

The selection procedure will be fully performed by your company on the basis of the applicants’ document package (an online application form, CV, a motivation letter, any other documents you may require) and Skype interviews with prospective interns. Nuffic Neso Russia will take care of the administrative part of the selection.

We are happy to provide you with further details upon your request, please contact Jerke Verschoor